Cloud App Security

The average enterprise today uses hundreds of SaaS apps and routinely moves data and workloads between endpoints, clouds and third parties. Security must extend to the ever-expanding mix of connections, networks, and hosted apps that power your business.

Extend your Security, Reduce Risk

The cloud delivers better experiences and lower operating costs, but also wreaks havoc with outdated cyber security tactics. What’s more, many CIOs have completely lost track of the nearly 1,000 cloud apps used inside the typical enterprise, increasing the risks of cloud app use. Today’s cloud security solutions need to integrate critical security and compliance services to protect users and organizational data everywhere.

New Challenges

Public cloud migrations create additional compliance and security

Stringent regulatory requirements create new data usage burdens on IT and security organizations

Mobile users and unsecured cloud apps put sensitive data at increased risk

Require a New Approach

In-depth visibility

into shadow IT, governance over data in cloud apps, and protection against threats

Multiple authentication systems

to protect against threats and secure data

Data-loss prevention

to identify and encrypt sensitive information, everywhere

Complete workload protection and monitoring

across public clouds, private clouds, and across on-premises data centers

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