Email Security

Email is currently the most common way cyber criminals launch and distribute threats. As the volume of attacks has increased, so has the level of sophistication.

1 out of every 412 emails

contains a malware attack

7,710 organizations

are hit by a Business Email Compromise attack every month

One out of every 412 emails contain a malware attack, 7,710 organizations are hit by a Business Email Compromise attack every month, and spear-phishing is the most widely used infection vector, according to the Symantec Internet Threat Security Report (ISTR). Organizations today need a comprehensive security approach to protect cloud and on-premises email from these new, sophisticated threats.


New Challenges

Advanced and zero-day threats are much more difficult to detect and stop than traditional malware

High-value targets, such as executives or finance teams, are increasingly at risk

Targeted spear phishing and business email compromise (BEC) scams are on the rise

"Built-in" capabilities of popular cloud-based email services are insufficient for today's attacks

Require a New Approach

Multilayered detection technologies

to block spam, malware, and advanced email threats

Multiple scanning engines

to stop unwanted email such as spam, newsletters, and marketing emails

Virtual machine-aware sandboxing and payload detonation

to prevent the most complex and persistent threats

Link Protection

to probe and evaluate links in real time, both before email delivery and at the time of click

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