Symantec Email Threat Detection and Response

Protect against the most sophisticated email threats and gain comprehensive insights into targeted & advanced email attacks

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Symantec is named a Top Player in latest Radicati Market Quadrant for Secure Email Gateway

Find out why the Radicati report recognizes Symantec as a leader in Email Security.

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Block Ransomware and Stealthy Advanced Attacks

Prevent the most complex, persistent email threats with cloud-based sandboxing powered by machine learning, behavioral analysis and intelligence from the world's largest civilian threat intelligence network.

  • Uncover advanced threats that evade traditional sandboxes by detonating suspicious files in both virtual and physical environments.
  • Identify and stop targeted attacks through machine learning and detailed review from hundreds of Symantec security analysts.
  • Discover attacks that typically go undetected with intelligence from the Symantec Global Intelligence Network, which has over 175 million endpoints and 64 million attack sensors across 157 countries.

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Defend Against Spear Phishing Attacks

Protect your users from advanced phishing attacks that weaponize a link after an email is delivered with deep evaluation of suspicious links at the time of click.

  • Detect new and emerging threats by inspecting malicious links in real-time when users click on them and following these links to their final destination.
  • Spot attacks that try to use evasion techniques such as multiple redirects, shortened links, or time-based delays to bypass detection.
  • Stop spear phishing attacks that deploy obfuscated malware by analyzing embedded payloads using advanced heuristics.

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Stop Targeted and Advanced Threats with the Deepest Visibility

Accelerate your response to targeted and advanced attack campaigns with advanced email security analytics that include more Indicators of Compromise than any other vendor.

  • Get granular insights into targeted & advanced attacks with detailed reporting on every clean and malicious email, including 60+ data points such as URLs, file hashes, sender/recipient information, and targeted attack information.
  • Quickly correlate and respond to threats by exporting rich intelligence to your Security Operations Center via integration with your Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system, Symantec Information Centric Analytics, or Symantec Managed Security Services.
  • Correlate suspicious activity across control points to identify and prioritize security events that pose the most risk via integration with Symantec Endpoint Detection & Response.

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Gain better security email visibility with extensive analytics

Fully understand how email-borne social engineering and multi-stage attacks impact your organization.

  • Build a complete picture of organizational risk by coupling powerful security email analytics with user behavior and other security infrastructure analytics.
  • Visualize all the factors involved in a complex attack, including how a threat has propagated via email.
  • Remediate multi-stage attacks by aggregating and consolidating relevant workflows.

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