Symantec Information Centric Analytics

User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) to simplify incident response and detect cyber breaches

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Simplifying Data Loss Prevention for Faster Triage and Remediation

Isolating data incidents that command immediate response

  • Investigate and triage user activities that create critical exposures.
  • Ensure deployment of policies that best address business process.
  • Optimize analyst workflows and automate bulk response.

Pinpoint Malicious Insiders

Mitigate insider threats

Understanding today's complex insider threats requires visibility into numerous factors that connect user activities with sensitive data.

  • Visualize multi-vector policy violations to identify emerging threats.
  • Normalize non-malicious behaviors and low-risk alert.
  • Contextualize certain behaviors, and calculate their security impact.

Learn how a global electronics payment leader uncovers insider risks with Information Centric Analytics:

Hunt Down Persistent Adversaries

Unveil cyber breaches and persistent user activities that represent potential outsiders’ attacks

Compromised user accounts and infected endpoints represent one of the most prevalent threats leading to data breaches – demanding continuous analysis to identify unusual behaviors carried on with legitimate privileges.

  • Identify unusual user behaviors with malicious patterns.
  • Connect policy violations with evidence of compromised user accounts.
  • Integrate available threat intelligence for comparative analysis.

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