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Symantec named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Email Security, Q2 2019

Learn why Forrester recognizes Symantec as a Leader in Email Security


Symantec is named a Top Player in latest Radicati Market Quadrant for Secure Email Gateway

Find out why the Radicati report recognizes Symantec as a leader in Email Security.

Stop Advanced Email Attacks with Isolation

Insulate users from spear phishing, credential theft and ransomware attacks by using Email Threat Isolation.

  • Shut down sophisticated spear phishing attacks by isolating suspicious email links and web downloads.
  • Stop credential theft by rendering suspicious websites in read-only mode, preventing users from submitting sensitive data.
  • Prevent ransomware and other malware from infecting users by isolating suspicious email attachments.
  • Symantec Email Threat Isolation supports on-premises, cloud and third-party email security solutions.

Block Email Threats with the High Effectiveness and Accuracy

Prevent insidious email threats such as business email compromise, ransomware, and spam.

  • Defeat business email compromise using advanced heuristics, BEC scam analysis, sender authentication enforcement & controls, and domain intelligence to help block typo squatting and identity spoofing.
  • Protect your brand reputation by using automation to solve the practical issues of enforcing sender authentication (DMARC, DKIM and SPF) with Symantec Email Fraud Protection.
  • Contain the latest file-based attacks such as ransomware using machine learning, predictive file analysis, and virtual machine aware sandboxing to reveal malicious behavior and safely detonate suspicious files.
  • Spam filtering blocks attacks using global and local sender reputation, and heuristics to restrict up to 99 percent of unwanted email before it reaches your network.
  • Defend against malicious links with URL reputation filtering which includes advanced phishing variant detection that sniffs out phishing links that are similar to known phishing attacks.

Accelerate Your Response to Targeted Attacks

Coordinate a response to email attacks with email analytics and SOC integration.

  • Gain insights into advanced attack campaigns impacting your organization with in-depth security email threat data that includes threat risk scores, file hashes and downloadable file artifacts, and attack information.
  • Find attack trends and identify targeted attack recipients using third-party SIEMs to correlate advanced threat information.
  • Prioritize the top risks by correlating email telemetry with wider security email and user behaviour analytics through Symantec Information Centric Analytics.
  • Quickly remediate attacks and orchestrate your response across emails and endpoints by blacklisting and quarantining threats.

Reduce Business Risk through Security Awareness

Prepare users to avert attacks with broad security education capabilities.

  • Evaluate employee readiness by simulating real-world email attacks that imitate the latest email threats.
  • Benchmark and improve user readiness over time with detailed reporting and repeat assessments.
  • Teach users to recognize email attacks through training notifications that raise security awareness.

Protect Sensitive Information Shared Over Email

Built-in data loss prevention (DLP) and integrated policy-based encryption make it easier to safeguard company data.

  • Build effective and flexible policies that protect against data loss by fingerprinting and identifying actual company data within messages or attachments. Over 100 pre-built dictionaries, patterns, and policy templates help you implement automated data protection and enforcement policies easily.
  • Automate encryption of sensitive messages before leaving your environment based on customer-specified criteria and integration with Symantec Content Encryption.
  • Provide a monitoring and enforcement point for sensitive information communicated via e-mail with market-leading Symantec DLP, which includes integrated quarantine management.

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License and Service Terms & Repository

Hardware Appliance
  • Symantec Messaging Gateway 8300 Series appliances
Virtual Appliance
  • VMware ESXi/ESX/vSphere 5.x, 6.x
  • Microsoft Hyper-V 2008 or 2012
Browser Requirements (Administrative Console)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer® 11.0 or later
  • Mozilla Firefox® 45 or later
  • Google Chrome® 55 or later as outlined in the data sheet

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Content Encryption for Symantec Messaging Gateway

Symantec Content Encryption is a premium hosted service that integrates with the powerful content filtering and policy controls of Symantec Messaging Gateway to encrypt messages containing sensitive information. Symantec Content Encryption helps safeguard the confidentiality of sensitive data you exchange with customers and business partners via email.