Symantec VIP Consumer

Frictionless Multi-Factor Authentication

Protect your customers against the rising threat of account takeover with multi-factor authentication and industry-leading cyber threat intelligence.

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Prevent Fraudulent Activities

Customer accounts are vulnerable to account takeover attacks and new-account fraud

  • Prevent unauthorized access to consumer accounts by adding strong multi-factor authentication at the login
  • Protect against risky behavior such as profile changes or password resets by requiring step up authentication for user action verification
  • Ensure legitimate transactions for high-risk activities such as creating a new account or making a wire transfer
  • Protect your organization from Account Takeover Attacks (ATO) with easy-to-use, transparent multi-factor authentication

Protect your Website

Secure web access and transactions with multi-factor authentication

With our web APIs, you can now leverage Symantec VIP features and functionality inside your consumer-facing web application. The biggest threat to web applications are Account Takeover (ATO) Attacks where a malicious actor compromises a legitimate user account. Organizations need a solution that provides continuous user authentication throughout the entire web session to protect against malicious activity. In addition to continuous authentication, you need to also ensure that the user and the device are healthy before accessing your web application.

  • Leverage any form of multi-factor authentication (push notification, biometrics, one-time passcode, hardware token, device verification) to gain access into the consumer application
  • Ensure that all risky transactions within the web application are initiated by the user
  • Check the health of the browser and plugin that the user is using and ensure that the user is not lead to any blacklisted URLs
  • Detect real time threats with the power of Symantec's Global Intelligence Network and advanced analytics

Secure Mobile Applications

Embed two-factor authentication into your mobile channels

Consumers are now doing more business on their mobile devices and organizations need to protect their consumer accounts from being compromised through mobile channels. With the Symantec VIP Software Development Kit (SDK), you can easily embed multi-factor authentication into your consumer facing mobile applications. The Software Development Kit (SDK) allows for developers to offer strong user authentication as well as a mobile device health check.

  • Offer transparent and easy-to-use multi-factor authentication right from the user's mobile device so user never leaves your consumer application during the authentication process
  • Provide safe mobile transactions by requiring step up authentication when risky behavior is detected
  • Check the device hygiene to ensure that mobile devices are not compromised. Symantec VIP can check for malware, network threats, debuggers, outdated OS, device reputation, jailbroken or rooted devices, user behavioral anomalies and more
  • Leverage the power of Symantec's Global Intelligence Network and advanced analytics for threat detection

Protect the Entire Consumer Journey

Offer strong authentication throughout the customer account lifecycle

Organizations need to ensure that the consumer's sensitive data is being protected every step of the way: from when the consumer creates an account to when the consumer closes the account. Symantec VIP and ID Analytics now offer a complete solution that allows organizations to protect the entire customer journey from start to finish. Analyzing risk before the user's account is created, ensuring that all devices are healthy before registration, and requiring strong multi-factor authentication throughout the entire user session will protect every stage of the consumer's digital account lifecycle.

  • Get visibility and cross-industry insight into the risk of a user before they are allowed to create an account with your organization, thus reducing New-Account Fraud
  • Require the user to verify the health of their devices, browsers, and plugins before registration and access
  • Protect account login and risky actions throughout the session with strong, multi-factor authentication, thus reducing the risk of Account-Takeover (ATO) attacks

Meet Compliance Requirements

Guard access to sensitive consumer data and meet your industry's regulations

Consumer data is increasingly becoming more regulated around the world and organizations need to respond to the requirements or face heavy fines. In the United States, industry-specific compliance requirements such as PCI DSS and HIPAA require organizations to implement multi-factor authentication when handling Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Around the world, regulations such as GDPR and PSD2 are implementing even stricter standards on the way organizations need to protect their consumer data.

  • Meet PCI DSS 3.2 requirement 8 by implementing strong multi-factor authentication for your consumer applications
  • Meet HIPAA security rule to protect electronic health information by implementing two-factor authentication (2FA) as one of your risk manage strategy
  • Mitigate the risk of GDPR fines by leveraging contextual Multi-Factor Authentication on top of static credentials as part of your Information Centric Security solution
  • Meet PSD2 requirements for Strong Customer Authentication on digital payment transactions

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