Advanced Threat Protection Consulting Services

Our Consultants will enable your team to design and implement our new Advanced Threat Protection solutions to gain visibility and manage risks to your organization. Leveraging one or more of the three ATP solutions, our consultants can add Email, Network, or Endpoint ATP to your risk strategy.

The malware landscape is constantly changing. Gone are the days of the broadcast attacks that were seen by hundreds of organizations. Today’s threats against organizations are more often highly targeted and seen by a few individuals in the world. The targeted attacks require a highly focused solution and industry experts who can help you to identify these targeted threats.

Using the ATP: Network, customers can leverage Symantec’s Insight reputation information to detect unknown files and Symantec’s Cynic (a cloud based technology) to evaluate the risk an unknown file can present to the organization. Using the ATP: Email, customer can gain increased visibility of the threats entering the organization via Symantec Email Using ATP: Endpoint, customers can gain visibility to the threats being detected by their endpoints.

Advanced Threat Protection Consulting: Improve Visibility And Manage Risk

With the rise in the number of targeted attacks and the common use of Advance Persistent Threats, organizations need solutions that can find and identify the threats within the organization that pose the greatest risk. Symantec’s Advanced Threat Protection solutions provide a layered approach at the Symantec Email, Network, and Endpoint level. Customers can deploy one or more components to get better insight into the organization’s risk level and exposure to active threats within the environment.

Symantec Consultants can architect a solution to fit your needs and the components you wish to deploy.  Using our proven methodology, we can assess the solution requirements and operational needs of your organization, adequately size and design the needed appliances and placement and work with your staff to operate and maintain the solution.

Symantec ATP Implementation Services

Symantec consultants provide assessment and optimization services for any of the ATP components deployed within an organization. Using our solution experience, we can assess an organizations existing deployment against best practices for malware protection. Consultants can also offer to validate the proper sizing, placement, and utilization of the deployed appliances.

Symantec ATP Solution Assessment & Optimization

Symantec’s residency services can provide an organization a dedicated resource allocated in 3, 6, or 12 month increments to stand-up, operate and manage, or be a subject matter expert in the Symantec ATP solution. A resident can be assigned as an onsite or remote resource to provide the organization with assistance in with either Protection Engine solution.

Residency Services