DeepSight™ Adversary Intelligence

Know who you are defending against

Better assess the impact and risk of cyber threats to your organization with rich adversary intelligence. More than technical indicators, adversary intelligence provides context regarding attribution and motivation behind cyber attacks, helping you to see the bigger picture and proactively get ahead of emerging threats.

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Managed Adversary and Threat Intelligence

Timely, context-rich, and relevant cyber threat intelligence

DeepSight Managed Adversary and Threat Intelligence (MATI) helps you to:

  • Get a better understanding of your threat environment, including cyber espionage, cyber crime, and hacktivist threats
  • Learn how to defend your organization against them by understanding the actors and groups behind the attacks, their motivations, exploited vulnerabilities, and malware utilized

The DeepSight Intelligence team analyzes and verifies thousands of indicators of compromise to create actionable, context-rich threat intelligence that is relevant to you.

Directed Threat Research

Answers to your unique cyber security questions

Ask your unique questions directly to our intelligence team. DeepSight Directed Threat Research (DTR) takes adversary intelligence one step further by providing tailored cyber threat intelligence reports built just for you. Common questions may include:

  • "Do you have more information regarding the recent breach in the media? We may have been targeted too."
  • "Can you keep us informed regarding activity related to a hacktivist campaign?"
  • "We have an upcoming high-risk online meeting, what threats should we be aware of?"
  • "What indicators are associated with a cyber espionage group?"

Arm Your Threat Intelligence and Incident Response Teams

Adversary intelligence enables teams to take action

Threat Intelligence teams get visibility and can more quickly assess threats targeting your organization, industry, and geography. Save time, budget, and resources by focusing on the critical emerging threats and more quickly implement proactive controls and countermeasures.

Incident Response teams can assess the severity and scope of an incident for faster containment and remediation. Rich adversary intelligence provides the context of a threat and enables Response teams to see the bigger picture of the incident including

  • Attribution to a threat actor or group
  • Identification of known indicators
  • The tools and techniques used
  • Potential attacker motivations

Delivery Models

The way your organization utilizes threat intelligence is unique and requires flexibility. DeepSight adversary intelligence is available via our customizable DeepSight Portal and DeepSight API:

DeepSight Intelligence Portal: a customizable cloud-hosted web portal that provides users with access to the DeepSight adversary and technical intelligence. Available in Standard, Enterprise, and Advanced Enterprise service levels and various contract lengths. Note that Directed Threat Research is available as an add-on option only to Advanced Enterprise customers. See the chart below for additional information.

DeepSight API: automates and enables technologies such as SIEM, GRC systems, DNS sinkholes, and smart firewalls to query the DeepSight research knowledgebase of adversary intelligence, network reputation and file reputation datafeeds. Note that access to Directed Threat Research is only available through the DeepSight Portal. See the chart below for additional information.

DeepSight Intelligence Portal

Feature Standard Enterprise Advanced Enterprise Advanced Enterprise + DTR Option
User Count 2 Users Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Administrator Users 2 Admin 5 Admin 5 Admin 5 Admin
Search File, Network, and Vulnerability Indicators
Analyst Journal
Alert Creation
Security Risk, Malcode, and Vulnerability Intelligence
Receive Email Alerts: HTML/PDF
Receive Email Alerts: XML
Event Statistics  
Create Custom Reports  
DeepSight API  
Managed Adversary & Threat Intelligence (MATI)*    
Directed Threat Research (DTR)*      

DeepSight Intelligence API

Portal Subscription

Type Intelligence Accessible via API
Advanced Enterprise All Adversary and Technical Intelligence
Enterprise All Intelligence except for Adversary Intelligence
Standard API not accessible to Standard subscription customers

Datafeeds Subscription

Type Intelligence Accessible via API
IP Reputation  
Domain Reputation Domain Reputation
Advanced IP Reputation Advanced IP Reputation
Advanced Domain Reputation Advanced Domain Reputation

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