Incident Response Services

Prepare and test the efficacy of your incident response plan, and rely on our experts for fast threat containment and eradication.

Global Incident Response When You Need It Most

Symantec’s emergency response services provide remote and on-site investigation to reduce the impact of an incident on your organization.

Get connected now with our incident responders who have an average of 15 years of field experience.

You will be immediately entered into a triage process that harnesses intelligence from Symantec’s Global Intelligence Network to diagnose your current status and halt attackers in their tracks before more damage is done.

Global Incident Response When You Need It Most

Get Proactive and Decrease the Impact of a Breach

Turn your incident response plan into a proactive program that improves incident response times, lowers costs, and implements a continuous improvement process to strengthen your overall security effectiveness.

Assess your existing ability to respond to security incidents and provide recommendations to shrink the time between incident detection and resolution, ultimately reducing the probability and severity of future incidents.

When a comprehensive incident response program is paired with Symantec’s global Incident Response Retainers, your team can be sure they will be ready to act quickly and with confidence when an incident occurs.

Get Proactive and Decrease the Impact of a Breach

Backed By Global Intelligence and Integrated Technologies

Harness intelligence and insights collected from other Symantec services, such as Symantec Managed Security Services and DeepSight™ Intelligence, for a deeper look into the threat landscape.

Symantec Managed Security Services analysts provide detailed customer log data, applying both vertical- and customer-specific context. DeepSight analysts then parse data to provide additional adversary context, including campaigns, tools, and tactics.

Our Security Technology and Response (STAR) teams can take any malware samples or suspicious files, binaries, or network traffic collected and analyze them against our Global Intelligence Network’s telemetry data. The STAR team also provides advanced reverse-engineering capabilities to augment our field teams when we uncover custom malware and hacking tools.



Backed By Global Intelligence and Integrated Technologies

Our Products

Emergency Response

Resolve your incident, restore normal operations, and minimize operational impact from attacks with our Incident Response Team.

Incident Response Retainers and Readiness Services

Preempt attacks and lessen security incident impact through remote and on-site investigations by our Incident Response Teams.

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