Symantec Emergency Incident Response

Identify and respond to an incident

With experience in every industry, Symantec’s Incident Response team can get your organization back to normal operations.

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What to Expect from Our Services

Symantec draws from deep skills and years of experience to help you resolve your incident, return to normal operations, and prevent incident recurrence while minimizing operational impact.

Our investigators will provide management support and communications, empowering your executives to make the right business decisions related to response actions.

Symantec follows generally accepted forensic procedures to collect, preserve, and analyze evidence in accordance with your objectives. This includes a variety of techniques such as log analysis, network and systems forensics, advanced malware analysis, and security intelligence to determine the root cause, timeline, and extent of the incident.

Following the conclusion of response activities, you’ll be provided a comprehensive report of the response investigation with recommendations and proposals for avoidance of future incidents from observed on-site issues and behaviors, including executive and board-level summaries of our findings.

Do You Need Incident Response?

It’s better to be safe rather than sorry. Immediately after requesting help from Symantec’s Incident Response team, you are placed into incident triage.

Our senior incident responders work with your internal team to collect all context and indicators to complete a thorough pre-assessment and determine if there is a need to move forward with services.

Leveraging Relationships to Strengthen Incident Response

Symantec’s Incident Response Team works closely with an ecosystem of law enforcement, privacy attorneys, and cyber insurance brokers and vendors. When faced with a security incident, trust us to communicate with various parties as necessary to provide a fully rounded response plan.

Working closely with customers and the different players in the cyber insurance market, as well as insight from the world’s largest civilian security intelligence database, gives Symantec a unique view into the current and future threat landscape.

We have partnered with key cyber insurance thought leaders on a whitepaper titled “What CISOs Need to Know about Cyber Insurance” to shed light on some of the key cyber insurance tenets and frequently asked questions that we’ve received when engaging with organizations around the world.

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