Most clouds are perfectly suited for cloud-based application workloads

Most security is perfectly unsuited for cloud-based application workloads

You need to compete and innovate but you don’t need more security risks

The move of apps and infrastructure to the cloud—especially those public cloud environments such as AWS and Azure—is a quick and cost-efficient approach to accelerating innovation. But the lower CAPEX can also come with higher security risks.

Securing your enterprise means protecting every workload

Stay secure in the cloud

Provide complete workload protection and monitoring across public clouds, private clouds, and across on-premises data centers.

Lock down your workloads

Deploy trusted security controls and harden your workloads to protect against zero-day threats and targeted attacks across public and private clouds.

Protect your web apps

Accelerate performance while protecting your web apps against OWASP top-10 threats and advanced threats like Zero Day attacks.

Automate compliance assessment

Enable discovery and mapping of all assets and networks, along with role-based and operational mandate-based reporting on security configurations.

See how workload protection enables innovation

As the pressure to innovate grows, the risks associated with moving sensitive workloads to the cloud don’t have to. Learn why modern workload protection must include visibility, monitoring, and protection across both public and private clouds—and how Symantec delivers this and more.

Security meets agility:

Symantec Cloud Workload Protection

Automated, cloud-native security for your public cloud workloads

You can’t protect what you can’t see. That’s particularly risky where cloud workloads are concerned. But now you can discover and map blind spots in your public cloud deployments. Symantec Cloud Workload Protection provides enterprises with automated cloud-native security for workloads running on Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. Gain greater agility and lower costs today.

Additional products for workload protection

Symantec Data Center Security

Fully integrated threat-detection, monitoring, and prevention.


Symantec Web Application Firewall

Proxy SG-enabled firewall protection with advanced features.


Symantec Control Compliance Suite

Delivers a unified view of security controls and vulnerabilities.


Symantec CASB

Industry leading cloud protection for your apps and services.



“74% of enterprises have abandoned traditional security technologies because they could not be applied effectively to cloud.”

–ESG Research Report: Securing Clouds with Symantec

Resources for conquering cloud chaos

Automated Security for Public Cloud Workloads

Migrating mission-critical workloads and applications to the public cloud doesn’t mean you have to decrease visibility and security. Learn how Symantec Cloud Workload Protection can help.

Security Innovation for the Cloud Generation

Securely connecting your people to their information in the cloud means integrating all your security technologies. Learn how Symantec secures the Cloud Generation.

Internet Security Threat Report (ISTR) 2019

Our 123 million sensors record thousands of threat events per second from 157 countries and block 142 million threats daily. Use intel from the world’s largest civilian threat network to your advantage—download ISTR 24 now.