Election Security

Democracy is impossible without cyber security

Elections are under assault across the globe, as we continually see in the news. Well-resourced malicious cyber actors have tampered with our elections, whether it’s hacking voting machines or waging information warfare through social media.

The good news? It’s not too late to take basic steps to preserve the integrity of our elections—right now.

Three Key Battlegrounds for Election Security

Election security is a key to maintaining our democracy. To preserve the integrity of our elections, three critical battlegrounds require focus and attention.

Election infrastructure

Protecting the hardware, software, databases, networks, and processes used for capturing and tallying votes is essential for maintaining elections integrity.

Election officials must institute best practices—with people, processes, and technology—to protect their voting infrastructure.

Election personnel

Since most attacks target individuals, it’s important for elections officials and campaign managers to educate their employees and volunteers on potential threats and critical best practices.

Good news—these efforts require only good common sense, cost little to nothing, and help to lessen vulnerabilities.

Information warfare

Perhaps the most difficult threat to address. Education and best practice sharing are key to changing behaviors.

As a user of social media, taking care of your feed, vetting information you post for accuracy and ensuring a trusted and legitimate source from where they came, prevents you from being an unwitting pawn in a disinformation campaign.

Symantec and Election Security

Elections are the underpinnings of democracy and society’s voice.

With election systems targeted for attack, Symantec is committed to applying the same defenses we provide for governments, corporations, and individuals to safeguarding elections.

Building Stronger Defenses for 2020 and Beyond

As the world’s largest cyber security company, Symantec understands it has an important role and responsibility to play in election security. We are committed to applying our threat intelligence, advanced technology, and human expertise to bear on this critical issue. In addition to our Project Dolphin spoof proof service, we offer support in other ways.

We provide the Center for Internet Security with threat intelligence and security operations services for their Albert sensors, employed by 36 states to monitor their election infrastructures.

We offer this educational resource site, including threat intelligence, best practices, and expert perspectives.

Advice from Symantec Experts

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