The Industry’s Most Comprehensive Cloud Access Security Solution

The Most Complete and Integrated Solution for Secure Access of Enterprise Cloud and Web Applications

Symantec provides the deep controls enterprises need to secure all modern workflows: Access and use of corporate apps in the cloud, SaaS cloud applications, cloud email, and web use. Controls improve network security while reducing complexity and operational cost. Symantec is your trusted partner for complete, integrated cloud and web security.

Improve security while reducing infrastructure cost and complexity.

Symantec offers complete, integrated cloud-delivered access security across all cloud and web workflows (cloud applications, email, and web) for all users, regardless of location.

Zero Trust IaaS Application Security

Secure access to IaaS corporate applications, regardless of device type, use, or location.

Modern enterprises are increasingly moving on-premises applications to IaaS and PaaS platforms. Symantec Access Security solution supports this digital transformation providing secure application access control based on user and device context, monitoring of user activity and uniform enforcement of contextual access controls. Content uploaded or downloaded to corporate applications deployed in IaaS and other environments can be inspected with Symantec industry-leading Symantec DLP for enforcement of information security policies. Further, users can take advantage of strong antivirus and sandboxing technologies for threat prevention.

  • Innovative, agentless Software Defined Perimeter technology from Luminate acquisition
  • Better security with application-specific (OSI-Layer 7) access and control
  • Contextual access and activity policy reduces chance of unauthorized and malicious access, shrinking the attack surface
  • UEBA, DLP and threat protection for corporate applications
  • Integrations with Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) solutions including Symantec VIP MFA at no additional cost

SaaS Application Security on Any Device–Even BYOD

Enforce granular access controls for any SaaS application along with UEBA, DLP, and threat protection.

Should your users access any SaaS application? Once they log in, what resources can they access? What actions are available to them? With Symantec CloudSOC CASB you can enforce detailed controls based on user, account, collaboration space, group/team/channel, file or content, data, threat level, and more. CloudSOC CASB offers API-based and real-time inline solutions, enforcing secure access and use of any cloud app or service for any end user, on both managed or unmanaged endpoints.

  • Enable and enforce specified or combination access policies for any cloud service
  • Protect your data in the cloud from loss, exposure, and threats
  • Mitigate high-risk and unsanctioned activity from managed or unmanaged devices
  • Integrate with Symantec DLP, VIP, Web Security Service (WSS), ProxySG, Information Centric Encryption (ICE), SEP, SEP Mobile and more

Secure, High Performance Access to the Web

Cloud-delivered enforcement of web traffic security and compliance policies, simply and efficiently delivered for all users and locations.

Symantec Web Security Service enforces consistent web security and compliance policies for all users—regardless of location—eliminating costly and complicated backhauling. Built on an advanced high-performance proxy architecture that authenticates users and provides deep inspection and controls of encrypted Internet traffic, Web Security Service protects users and critical business information with the most effective defense against advanced threats.

  • Threat prevention and information security capabilities include Web Isolation, Sandboxing, DLP and CASB for Shadow IT control
  • Inspect SSL/TLS encrypted traffic to identify hidden threats and compliance violations
  • Simplify end-user protection through single-agent integrations with SEP and SEP Mobile
  • Easily onramp remote/branch locations to the service through integrated SD-WAN based SD-Cloud Connector
  • Centralized Management and Reporting for cloud and hybrid deployments
  • Service Now supports users on Windows 10 and Chromebook operating systems

Secure Access to Cloud Email

Protect users of cloud email systems like Office 365 or G Suite and prevent data loss and fraud.

Symantec Email defends users of cloud email services such as Office 365 and G Suite from advanced phishing and impersonation attacks, ransomware, and credential theft with the most effective and accurate email security that includes integrated threat isolation. It also protects against data loss and email fraud while accelerating detection and response to advanced email threats.

  • Multiple layers of protection from email threats
  • Integrated threat isolation that combats advanced email attacks
  • Complete visibility and prioritized response to targeted and advanced threats
  • Automated sender authentication that helps achieve DMARC enforcement
  • Symantec DLP integration that delivers comprehensive protection of sensitive data