Control Compliance Suite Test Drive on Amazon AWS

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Enable Risk-prioritized Data Center Security Operations and Compliance

Security and IT Operations in today’s data center have different priorities and are often not aligned. Compliance then becomes an afterthought. Symantec Control Compliance Suite automates continuous assessments and delivers a unified view of security controls and vulnerabilities – helping align priorities across security and IT operations and making compliance easier.

Control Compliance Suite is trusted by many of the largest financial and other enterprises on the planet.

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Assessment for Security Operations

With the dynamic nature of data centers, unknown changes to the configuration of physical and virtual systems, known as “drift,” are common. The misconfigured systems weaken an organization’s cyber defense and expose sensitive data, increasing the risk of critical business downtime and security breaches. In such scenarios you need a solution that establishes a security baseline and does continuous assessments against this baseline for identifying any misconfigurations. In the test drive see how Control Compliance Suite can do these assessments across databases, operating systems, applications, and virtual machines. Also learn how you can generate role-based, customizable web-based dashboards, and reports that enable you to measure risk and track the performance of your security and compliance programs.