Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI): Optimized Symantec Security

Symantec helps you unleash the power of the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure platform by delivering next generation optimized solutions for protecting your Oracle infrastructure.

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Oracle Cloud

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure as a Service

Modern organizations rely increasingly on public cloud infrastructure services such as Oracle’s for virtually all their new workload deployments. But public clouds create unique security challenges, with most risks originating from components managed by your company. So, how can you protect Oracle Cloud Infrastructure?

Protect your enterprise’s OCI platform with optimized Symantec solutions so you can securely:

  • Migrate legacy on-premises applications to the Oracle Cloud
  • Deploy new cloud-native applications and services
  • Utilize elastic capacity to meet spikes in demand

Securing Oracle cloud infrastructure requires special expertise

Public cloud security, control, and compliance are special cases. Here’s why:

  • Public cloud applications are componentized, preconfigured, and template based; they’re also dynamic, mobile, orchestrated, and automated.
  • The public cloud model can’t support extensive configuration efforts and long tuning cycles, two hallmarks of traditional on-premises security.
  • Public cloud architecture makes it a poor choice for retrofitted on-premises security systems.

Our deep understanding of what makes public clouds unique is a key to our ability to fully protect workloads running on the OCI platform.

Oracle Cloud security (briefly) explained

The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure as a service comprises a full, integrated set of subscription-based services enabling businesses to run any workload in the cloud—one that’s managed, hosted, and supported by Oracle. It includes core infrastructure capabilities such as elastic compute and storage.

Additionally, the OCI platform offers high-performance, high-availability, and cost-effective infrastructure services by combining the elasticity and utility of the public cloud with the granular control, security, and predictability of an on-premises infrastructure.

To augment Oracle security, Symantec delivers an additional layer of cloud workload protection specially optimized for the Oracle Cloud platform.

Symantec, Oracle—and you

We recognize Oracle is a leading provider of cloud infrastructure as a service, and we’ve partnered with them to deliver Symantec security optimized for the Oracle Cloud. Specifically, Symantec protects applications and instances—the subscriber-controlled components in the Oracle Cloud.

This security complements Oracle’s global cloud infrastructure and platform services security, extending to container security for Oracle cloud as well. Put another way: Oracle Cloud customers are responsible for security within the cloud; that’s where Symantec comes in. Oracle is responsible for the security of the cloud itself.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure + Optimized Symantec Security

Optimized Symantec security products let you unleash the power of the OCI platform and keep your data safe.

Symantec Cloud Workload Protection

Symantec Cloud Workload Protection (CWP) automates security for workloads and applications enabling business agility, risk reduction, and cost savings for enterprises, while easing DevOps and administrative burdens. Rapid discovery, visibility, and elastic protection of workloads and applications running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) enables automated security policy enforcement to protect applications from unknown exploits.

Cloud-native integration allows DevOps to build security directly into application deployment workflows, while access to the Symantec Global Intelligence Network protects workloads against the latest global attacks and vulnerabilities. Enterprises migrating workloads to OCI will benefit from:

  • Visibility and protection of OCI workloads
  • Cloud-native security that scales elastically with their OCI environment
  • Mitigation of risk associated with public cloud adoption

Symantec Control Compliance Suite

Control Compliance Suite delivers business-aware security and risk visibility so that customers are effectively able to align priorities across security, IT operations, and compliance. It automates continuous assessments and delivers a unified view of security controls and vulnerabilities. Customers can deploy Control Compliance Suite on-premises or on the OCI platform to assess their Oracle instances and applications. With Control Compliance Suite, customers gain hardening for Oracle cloud, prioritize security remediation, enable secure migration to the software-defined data center, and support ongoing assessments for Cyber Security and Continuous Monitoring.

Symantec Protection Engine for Cloud Services

Symantec Protection Engine is a flexible and feature-rich client/server application that allows customers to incorporate malware and threat detection technologies into almost any cloud deployed application. Protection Engine includes Symantec's proprietary, patented URL categorization technology and industry-leading malware protection for fast, scalable, and reliable content scanning services. These services help organizations protect their data and storage systems against the ever-growing malware threat landscape, including security threats in cloud infrastructure.

Symantec Data Loss Prevention

Customers can now confidently deploy workloads containing confidential data to the OCI platform with Symantec’s market-leading data loss prevention (DLP) solution. Symantec provides comprehensive data loss prevention for Oracle cloud and unified management of your confidential data across your OCI platform and your on-premises environment.

Symantec Data Loss Prevention is a content-aware data security solution that discovers, monitors and protects confidential data stored across the OCI platform. Unlike other security solutions that provide limited DLP controls, Symantec Data Loss Prevention delivers deep content inspection, sophisticated policy and incident management, and proven scalability and performance. With Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Symantec Data Loss Prevention, businesses can confidently deploy and protect workloads in the cloud without sacrificing control over their confidential data.

Symantec Endpoint Protection

Symantec Endpoint Protection provides defense in depth, whether in the Oracle Cloud or on-premises. Get machine learning; behavioral, cross-vector protection; and network protection/firewall as part of your complete anti-malware protection. Validated by third-party tests, Symantec Endpoint Protection is the most effective intelligent endpoint protection for Oracle Cloud available on the market. Reduce the complexity of advanced threat protection for OCI workloads and maximize your infrastructure protection and performance with Symantec Endpoint Protection.

  • Get granular control. Proactively secure your ecosystem with policy-based system lockdown and application control--including advanced whitelisting and blacklisting for greater protection and productivity--and Host Integrity to detect unauthorized changes, conduct damage assessments, and ensure endpoint protection and compliance.
  • Get smarter platform management tools. Exert granular policy control through a single high-powered client and management console across both physical and virtual machines, making it easy to deploy, update, and manage your endpoint security across various locations, user groups, and operating systems.

Symantec Data Center Security

Gain complete server protection, monitoring, and workload micro-segmentation for your Oracle Cloud, private clouds, and physical on-premises data center environments.

Get security hardening and monitoring for cloud and physical data centers with support for the OCI platform.

  • Gain agentless Docker container protection with full application control and integrated management.
  • Block zero-day exploits with application whitelisting, granular intrusion prevention, and real-time file integrity monitoring (RT-FIM).

Automate continuous security monitoring of cloud and physical data centers with support for the OCI platform.

  • Monitor all of your infrastructure, including OCI, and Docker container environments.
  • Receive alerts for unexpected changes to files, configurations, and settings.
  • Rapidly identify and assess policy violations and suspicious activity.

Reap the benefits of agentless anti-malware for Oracle Cloud and threat protection for your virtual servers:

  • Optimize security performance for OCI environments with agentless anti-malware protection, network intrusion prevention, and file reputation services.
  • Seamlessly orchestrate security policies across data center security, including both server and third-party products.
  • Encapsulate all security functionality and updates in a single guest virtual machine.